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Next Time on Mashin Sentai Kiramager: Episode 23

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Next Time on Mashin Sentai Kiramager: Episode 23

Mabusheena’s mother may still be alive in the next episode of Mashin Sentai Kiramager, “Mabusheena’s Mother”.

Episode 23: Mabusheena’s Mother

Screenplay written by Ayumi Shimo

Directed by Noboru Takemoto

According to the recently revived Mashin Zabyun, “Queen Mabayuine is alive.”

The Kiramagers are shocked by the words of Mashin Zabyun who had just become their ally.

The story that she had performed a secret technique just before she collapsed from being under the curse and that she had transferred the soul of her jewel into a headdress that Mabusheena has been keeping as a keepsake seemed unbelievable, but after an analysis by Hakataminami, he says that life energy could be detected from the headdress.

“It’s unreal… like a dream.” Mabusheena cannot contain her joy and excitement.

However, there is still one problem.

Once Mabayuine awakens, how will they explain to her the tragedy of Crystalia, the end of Oradin, and the current situation?

According to Takamichi, because Mabayuine is an extreme worrier, if she suddenly hears such a story, the shock will cause her jewel and the headdress to shatter and disappear.

Meanwhile, the Kiramagers are dispatched after receiving an alert about a Yodon attack. An evil bank monster appears that turns people into gold coins, and he keeps them inside a safe.

It’s at this moment that Queen Mabayuine wakes up.

After witnessing the battle between the Kiramagers and the Safe monster on the monitor, Mabayuine trembles, worried that something might have happened to King Oradin. And so the battle scene plays out, but…

Sources: TV Asahi, Toei

Writer, editor, translator. Kaylyn is known as MarzGurl around the Internet as a video producer and a critic of fiction media, producing content not only for The Tokusatsu Network but also for Screenwave Media.

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