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Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy Announced


Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy Announced

Tsuburaya Productions announces Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy, set to release on YouTube in Winter 2020.

Tsuburaya Productions announced that a new Ultra Galaxy Fight series will be coming to YouTube this Winter. Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy will be the first installment in the Ultra series to release simultaneously worldwide. The series will run ten episodes long and will total up to approximately ninety minutes in total. Each episode will have Japanese and English dubbed versions available upon release.

The story is centered around mysterious and evil aliens that shouldn’t exist. Many Ultra Heroes will join together and fight to solve the mystery that could affect the entire universe. All the while a conspiracy is underway, and a golden giant works behind the scenes.

The story of Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy leads right into the currently airing Ultraman Z series. Set shortly after Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax, the events of this series will lead up to the beginning of the first episode of Ultraman Z. Along with recent New Generation Heroes Ultra Heroes, many others will appear in the series as well.

Ultraman Ribut returns to the Ultra Galaxy Fight series, but also joining him for the first time are foreign created Ultraman Great and Powered.

Also appearing in the series is Ultraman Belial in his Early Style. The reasoning as to why he shows up is a mystery.

Other Ultra Heroes set to appear in the series are as followed:

  • Ultraman Zero
  • Ultraman Ribut
  • Ultraman Taiga
  • Ultraman Titas
  • Ultraman Fuma
  • Ultraman Z (Zett)
  • Ultrawoman Grigio
  • Ultraman 80
  • Ultraman Max
  • Ultraman Mebius
  • Ultraman Hikari
  • Ultraman Neos
  • Ultraseven 21

A new character will be making his debut in this series – Absolute Tartarus. This giant’s gold design clashes with the Ultra Heroes silver design. While his true intentions are unknown, Absolute Tartarus is very interested in the Land of Light.

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy is directed by Koichi Sakamoto, who also directed Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes. Sakamoto has also directed Mega Monster Battle Ultra Galaxy: The Movie and has been apart of many other hero series.

A special video was also released on the Ultraman Official YouTube page featuring a message from Koichi Sakamoto about the series.

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy will release on the Official Ultraman YouTube Channel internationally starting in Winter 2020.

Source: Ultraman Galaxy

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