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Mostly Speakin’ Sentai #78: “You Need to Have More Confidence, Why Are You Crying?!”


Mostly Speakin’ Sentai #78: “You Need to Have More Confidence, Why Are You Crying?!”

James is in hot water with Nicole for criticizing Lorelai Gilmore while they both discuss Timeranger!

You can’t change the future, but you can change tomorrow because James & Nicole watched Case File 2 of Timeranger entitled “The Unseen Future”! But besides talkin’ jailed bombers from the future, they chat about nail polish, no pants, hand sanitizer, name brands under communism, balances the niceness of our relationship, getting chipped, conspiracy theories, Lorelai Gilmore, deedles, talkin’ crap about shows, grillin’ with fumes, criminals not making good on their part of a ransom, future tech, crystals, father’s passing down businesses, Nicole not understanding positive father relationships, cannibalism, daddy’s house, Nicole sayings, heroes not actively seeking out their enemies, & more!

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