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Community-Run Ultraman Fan Festival Event To Be Held On Twitter


Community-Run Ultraman Fan Festival Event To Be Held On Twitter

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The Ultraman Fan Festival will be held by @ulfanfes on Twitter using the hashtag #ulfanfes2020 starting July 9th.

An Ultraman-themed fan festival will be held on Twitter by the Ultraman fan community starting on July 9, 2020. The Ultraman Fan Festival is a fan-created event that is for Ultraman fans all over the world to participate in. The event was created so that fans will be able to interact, have fun, and share their love of Ultraman. Fans will be able to participate in the event by using the hashtag #ulfanfest on Twitter starting on July 9.

One of the mascots created for the event is an Ultraman named Asahan (created by Twitter user @dotemcee). The character was created to have a “cool and serious demeanor, but is passionate in bringing happiness to others”.

The rules and guidelines for the event are as follows:

“1. No advertising or selling of merchandise whether it’s official no matter the condition or fanmade items. This is not for marketing of any kind nor officially affiliated with Tsuburaya.

2. Please be courteous and kind to others when interacting with them.

3. Also keep things family-friendly! Ultraman is for everyone, after all.”

Source: Twitter

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