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Next Time on Kamen Rider Zero-One: Episode 37

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Next Time on Kamen Rider Zero-One: Episode 37

Ark passes new powers over to Naki in the next episode of Kamen Rider Zero-One, “It Can’t Be Stopped”.

Episode 37: It Can’t Be Stopped

Screenplay written by Masaya Kakehi
Directed by Takuya Shibasaki
Action Directed by Jun Watanabe (Japan Action Enterprise)
Special Effects Directed by Hiroshi Butsuda (Tokusatsu Kenkyuujo)

The Ark transferred into Horobi (Syuya Sunagawa) who then transformed into Kamen Rider Ark-Zero. He finally stands before Aruto (Fumiya Takashashi) and his friends. Zero-One Metal Cluster Hopper boldly confronts him, but Ark-Zero’s fierce attack cancels his transformation. Both Zero-One and Vulcan fall before Ark-Zero’s might. Aruto and his friends are saved by Jin (Daisuke Nakagawa) and somehow they all escape.

Ark-Zero is already this powerful. Although Aruto has continued to believe in artificial intelligence, it’s in this moment that he begins to fear that the power of AI has tremendously overtaken that of humans. Aruto begins to lose himself in regards to how he should deal with Ark. Isamu (Ryutaro Okada) has no words to say to Aruto.

At that moment at the MetsubouJinrai hideout, Ark, who had transferred into Jin, gives the Zetsumeirise Key and Forceriser Driver to Naki (Satsuki Nakayama), and begins assigning new orders.

Sources: TV Asahi, Toei

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