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Mostly Speakin’ Sentai #72: “Have this Trash Wrench!”


Mostly Speakin’ Sentai #72: “Have this Trash Wrench!”

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James and Nicole are back to Carranger while giving new meaning to the phrase, “Honey, I’m Home!”

Nicole & James are believing in themselves today, as long as they have their version of a security blanket just like Natsumi, because they watched episode 44 of Carranger entitled “The Persistently, Wacky Gekisou Chase!”

But on top of talkin’ about literal wrenches being thrown into the plot, they’re chatting about saturation, the Deedles on Disney+, Nick Foster’s audition reel, honey roastin’ It Takes 2 To Toku, Nicole tells an adorable story from work at the comic shop, VANS shoes, Madrox the Multiple Man, Pixar butts, plans for their 100th episode, lubing finger holes, brushing with caulk, human centipedes, parodying soap operas, tooting when arriving home, thrift store wrenches, middle management, practical classes in high school, ranch style homes, parentheticals, developing characters to gain emotional connections with them, & more!

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