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Kamen Rider Stronger To Be Released On Blu-ray In Japan


Kamen Rider Stronger To Be Released On Blu-ray In Japan

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Kamen Rider Stronger will be released on Blu-ray in Japan to celebrate its 45th anniversary.

It has been announced that the entire Kamen Rider Stronger series will released on Blu-ray in Japan later this year. This release will commemorate the 45th anniversary of Kamen Rider Stronger’s release in Japan in 1975.

Kamen Rider Stronger is the fifth entry in the Showa-era Kamen Rider series from Shotaro Ishinomori. It follows the story of Shigeru Jo, a man who becomes a Kamen Rider to avenge his friend’s death at the hands of a group called Black Satan.

The series starred Shigeru Araki as Shigeru Jo/Kamen Rider Stronger, Kyoko Okada as Yuriko Misaki/Electo Wave Human Tackle, Akiji Kobayashi as Tobei Tachibana, Hiroshi Ogasawara as Yoichiro Misaki, Goro Naya as the Great Leader of Black Satan, Shinji Nakae as the narrator, Akira Hamada as Titan, Mahito Tsujimura as the voice of Dead Lion, Hidekatsu Shibata as the voice of General Shadow, and Osamu Ichikawa the voice of Marshall Machine.

Kamen Rider Stronger will be released on Blu-ray in Japan in two separate box sets. The Volume 1 Boxset will contain episodes 1-21, and is scheduled to be released on October 14th, 2020. The Volume 2 Boxset is scheduled to be released on December 2nd, 2020, and will contain episodes 22-39. In addition, the Volume 2 Boxset will also feature the special, All Together! 7 Kamen Riders.

The price of each boxset is 22,000 yen.

Source: MyNavi Japan

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