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Next Time on Kamen Rider Zero-One: Episode 36

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Next Time on Kamen Rider Zero-One: Episode 36

Aruto finds his new purpose in the world when he’s no longer the president of HIDEN Intelligence in the next episode of Kamen Rider Zero-One, “I am the Ark and a Kamen Rider”.

Episode 36: I am the Ark and a Kamen Rider

Screenplay written by Masaya Kakehi
Directed by Takuya Shibasaki
Action Directed by Jun Watanabe (Japan Action Enterprise)
Special Effects Directed by Hiroshi Butsuda (Tokusatsu Kenkyuujo)

Because he’s now on his own, Aruto (Fumiya Takahashi) can no longer use HIDEN’s manufacturing facilities. After explaining his thoughts on this to Izu (Noa Tsurushima), they think to develop a new Humagear to eliminate Isamu’s (Ryutaro Okada) concerns. What is this Humagear?

Meanwhile, Ark, who had been revived by, asks Horobi (Syuya Sunagawa), “How do you think we can cause the destruction of humanity?” And in the next instant, he invades Horobi’s body. He’s violently blown back, and a new Driver appears on Horobi’s waist.

During all of this, something wrong is happening in Daybreak Town, where Horobi, Naka, Jin, and and Ikazuchi had gathered. Something no one has ever seen before is about to be born. Something so evil, it is beyond human understanding. Meanwhile, Aruto (who believes Horobi has dreams of becoming a father) discovers new AI technology that only could only be possible thanks to the president of HIDEN Intelligence. Aruto also witnesses an Isamu Fuwa standing and waiting in a line.

Sources: TV Asahi, Toei

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