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June 2020 Gashapon World Tokusatsu Releases Revealed


June 2020 Gashapon World Tokusatsu Releases Revealed

Gashapon World has announced the new list of merchandise set for release for the month of June 2020.

The list of merchandise from Gashapon World for June 2020 has been announced. First off is the Mashin Sentai Kiramager pretend play balloon set. This set includes inflatable toy versions of the Kiramai Shot and Kiramai Sword. In addition, this set includes an inflatable version of the Shiny Breaker, the sidearm of Kiramai Silver. This set became available in the second week of June 2020 for 200 yen.

The next addition to the Gashapon World line-up is the HG Ultraman Set 02 of Ultraman figures. This set features figures such as Ultraman Geed, Ultraman Taiga, Ultraman Belial, and Gomora. This set is now available in the third week of June for 440 yen.

Next in the Gashapon World merchandise for this month is a collection of Kamen Rider pedestal items. This series includes displayable versions of the Hiden Zero-One Driver, the HumaGear headset model, the ZetsumeRiser, and Tsukasa Kadoya’s camera from Kamen Rider Decade. These items are available now in the third week of June for 300 yen.

The next set of Gashapon World merchandise includes the 3rd set of Kamen Rider keychains from HEROTUBE. These Progrise Key-themed Kamen Rider keychains include Zero-One Metal Cluster Hopper, Rampage Vulcan, Thouser, and Burning Falcon Jin. These keychains are available in the 3rd week of June and cost 200 yen.

The next set of Gashapon merchandise features Ultraman Z, the latest entry in the Ultra series. The Ultra Z Riser set comes with not only with the Riser itself, but the miniature Ultra Medals and Z Holder as well. This set is now available in the third week of June for 200 yen.

The second set of Mashin Sentai Kiramager Gashapon toys is also available for release this month. The latest set of Kiramager toys feature the goggles and transformation device of Kiramai Silver, the Shiny Changer. This set also features Kiramai Silver’s personal weapon, the Shiny Breaker. In addition, the Shiny Breaker features a “Drill Mode” and a “Hyper Arm Mode”. This set will be available in the 4th week of June and costs 200 yen.

This month’s Gashapon World releases also features a number of Kiramager Sound Drop keychains. These keychains feature a number of mecha voice sounds from Mashin Sentai Kiramager, including Mashin Fire, Mashin Shovellow, Mashin Mach, Mashin Jetter, and Mashin Helico. The Kiramager Sound Drop keychains will be available in the fourth week of June 2020 and cost 300 yen.

The final addition to the June 2020 Gashapon World line-up features the second set of Kamen Rider Zero-One rubber mascots. This set features rubber mascots for Aruto Hiden, Kamen Rider Zero-Two, Izu, Zero-One Metal Cluster Hopper, Horobi, Kamen Rider Horobi, Jin, Kamen Rider Burning Falcon Jin, Gai Amatsu, and Kamen Rider Thouser. This second set of Kamen Rider Zero-One rubber mascots will be available in the fifth week of June for 300 yen.



Source: Gashapon World

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