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Ultraman Episodes Added To YouTube Weekly For Global Viewing


Ultraman Episodes Added To YouTube Weekly For Global Viewing

As part of the “Stay At Home With Ultraman” campaign, the official Ultraman YouTube channel is uploading an episode from the Ultraman series each week with English subtitles.

“Stay At Home With Ultraman” is a special collaboration between Tsuburaya Productions and the Ultraman Foundation to provide home entertainment and encouragement during the global COVID-19 pandemic. As part of this campaign, the official Ultraman YouTube channel has been uploading an episode each week from throughout the many Ultraman series for viewing all around the world.

Each weekly episode release is being premiered on YouTube with live chat active so fans around the world can interact with one another as the episode plays. Each episode also has English subtitles available and is meant to coincide with a message of encouragement. As of the time of writing, three episodes have been uploaded.

Week 1 – Ultraman Ace Episode 52: “You are the Ace of Tomorrow!”

Representing the theme, “Don’t lose your kindness,” this final episode of Ultraman Ace sees Seiji Hokuto revealing his identity as Ultraman Ace to children in order to protect them. As a result, Ace must leave Earth, but he leaves his final wish asking that humans not lose their kindness and take care of one another in his absence.

Week 2 – Ultraman Episode 37: “A Little Hero”

This episode from the original Ultraman show features the friendly kaiju, Pigmon, who warns the SSSP of a plot to revive two defeated kaiju. This episode represents the message, “Do what you can.”

Week 3 – Ultraman Max Episode 15: “Miracle of the Third Planet”

When a mysterious blob from space appears in this week’s Ultraman Max release, attempts to destroy it are met with imitation of attacks. Even Ultraman Max cannot stop its destructive rampage as it merely gains a human form and imitates his beam attacks. The key to saving the day lies, instead, with a girl who picked up the piccolo after losing her eyesight. The monster joins her in playing music, and peace is made. The moral of the story: “Connect with others.”

More messages are planned to correspond to episodes releasing through July 5th. Next week will feature Ultraman Mebius Episode 33: “The Woman with Blue Fire” with the message, “Work to save lives.” A full list of planned episode releases and their corresponding messages can be found on Tsuburaya’s official website.

Earlier this month, Team TokuNet reported the release of Ultraman and SSSS.Gridman video conference backgrounds as part of Stay At Home With Ultraman. Episodes can be found in a Stay At Home With Ultraman playlist on YouTube and are expected to remain available for one month after release.

Source: Ultraman Global Twitter Account via Crunchyroll

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