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Mostly Speakin’ Sentai #63: “Pepper On The Cob!”


Mostly Speakin’ Sentai #63: “Pepper On The Cob!”

Nicole and James cry over spoiled turnips while discussing the most betrayal ridden and depressing episode of Carranger!

Nicole & James are having trust issues today because they watched episode 40 of Carranger entitled “Naniwhatever Anyway, A Scramble Intersection Robo!?” On top of talking about Jesus/Judas levels of Bowzock betrayal, they chat about Nicole’s mental state going back to work, doing Sudoku, Gwen Stafani, time-traveling in Animal Crossing, fan-submitted ideas for the most dumb/absurd unused Sentai motifs, fine art appraisers, BlockHead, night filming, psychic vampires, helping people move, monitoring on TVs, walking bow legged, reformed Bowzock alarms, mystery scratches, screaming outside children, we go in-depth on today’s mecha, depressing endings, & more!

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