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Kaiju Step Wandabada Season 2 Announced


Kaiju Step Wandabada Season 2 Announced

Kaiju Step Wandabada will continue with a second season, featuring new kaiju from the Ultraman series.

Tsuburaya Productions has confirmed the childrens anime Kaiju Step Wandabada will continue into a second season. Each episode of the series has a five minute runtime and is meant to be enjoyed by parents and children. In the second season new Kaiju from the Ultraman series will join the current cast of Kaiju children:

Ele-chan (Eleking)

Ele-chan sends shocks of electricity out when surprised and lives under the sea.

Jami-chan (Jamilar)

Jami-chan is a walking dictionary and can also breathe fire.

Gat-chan (Alien Guts)

Guts-chan is a mischief maker that can create the “Guts Gang” by creating three copies of himself.

Muge-chan (Mugera)

Muge-chan is able to fix anything with his powers. He is quiet and likes to daydream.

To promote the second season Tsuburaya Productions released a trailer on the Tsuburaya Productions official YouTube channel “ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL!” This trailer introduces the story and characters, and is narrated by Akio Nakao, narrator for the series.

Kaiju Step Wandabada currently airs Fridays at 5:20pm on NHK E-TV.

Sources: Scifijapan

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