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Hikari Kuroki Casted as Yuka Ohta in Ultraman Z


Hikari Kuroki Casted as Yuka Ohta in Ultraman Z

Hikari Kuroki will play the monster obsessed lead scientist of STORAGE Yuka Ohta in Ultraman Z.

Tsuburaya Productions has announced a newest cast member to Ultraman Z. Hikari Kuroki will play Yuka Ohta, the lead scientist of STORAGE. She assists Haruki and the rest of STORAGE by developing anti-monster robots to be involved with the kaiju. Yuka Ohta also has the habit of making strange nutritional juice mixes which she offers to the others, but no one knows what is in them. Yuka also is very knowledgeable in biology and legends, which is helpful with her work at STORAGE.

Hikari Kuroki also commented on her casting in Ultraman Z, sharing her excitement of being apart of the series:

“When the casting was decided, I was surprised and filled with joy. “I get to be in Ultraman!?” It’s an incredible honor to be involved with Ultraman, a show that my older brother and I watched obsessively as kids.

There are some funny scenes where I kept laughing, so I hope everyone watching can laugh too! I really hope Ultraman Z will be loved by many people. I’ll give the remaining scenes everything I’ve got! Look forward to it!!”

Ultraman Z will air on TV Tokyo June 20th, 2020 at 9am.

Source: Tsuburyaya Productions

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