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Ultraman Zero 10th Anniversary Project Announced


Ultraman Zero 10th Anniversary Project Announced

Tsuburaya Productions has announced the Ultraman Zero 10th Anniversary Thanks Caravan as apart of the Ultraman 10th Anniversary Project.

As a part of the celebration for the 10th anniversary of Ultraman Zero, Tsuburaya Productions announced a special campaign for it. The Ultraman Zero 10th Anniversary Project is a special campaign that will feature special events throughout the year.

To start things off with the campaign Tsuburaya Productions released a special promotional video featuring Ultraman Zero. In this video Zero is announcing the 10th Anniversary Project, and that the year will be filled with special events.

The promotional video also announces the Ultraman Zero 10th Anniversary Thanks Caravan, the first event of the campaign.

As a part of the 10th Anniversary Thanks Caravan, the Ultraman Zero 10th Anniversary GW Zero Festival is also taking place. Two parts of the GW Zero Festival have been announced, containing information on a twitter contest and special merchandise.

Twitter Contest

The first part of the festival is featuring a contest for the Most Valuable Zero (MVZ) Campaign. This campaign is running from April 25th – May 9th. Participants can enter by tweeting out their favorite Ultraman Zero moment along with the hashtag #MVZero. Anyone following the Ultraman Zero 10th anniversary Twitter (@ m78_zero10th) is eligible to enter. Ten contestants will receive a signed 10th anniversary poster through a lottery from everyone who posted.


Special merchandise is being released as apart of the Thanks Caravan as well. This collection currently available and can be purchased over at the Tsuburaya Store on Rakuten’s website.

New DX toys are also available for purchase as apart of the Thanks Caravan. These toys include Ultraman Zero themed transformation items and weapons, as well as vinyl figures that are available for purchase.

DX Ultra Zero Eye

DX Zero Slugger Set 

Ultra Sound Figure DX Ultraman Zero and Ultraman Belial

Ultra Hero Series EX Ultraman Zero 10th Anniversary Set

Tsuburaya Productions also released the full timeline of Ultraman Zero on both the japanese and english websites for the 10th Anniversary Project. On the websites it breaks down the appearances of Ultraman Zero, starting at Mega Monster Battle Ultra Galaxy: The Movie all the way up to Ultraman Z releasing in June 2020.

The Ultraman 10th Anniversary Project will continue throughout the entirety of the year with new events to go along with it.

Source: Tsuburaya Productions (M-78) Tsuburaya Productions English Website

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