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Bravestorm Now Available In The United States


Bravestorm Now Available In The United States


The 2017 film Bravestorm released Monday, April 7th, on DVD and through video on demand services in the US with an English dubbed trailer.

In November 2017, Bravestorm released in Japanese theaters. The film is a reboot and crossover of two tokusatsu series from 1971 and 1973. Those series are Silver Mask and Super Robot Red Baron, respectively. Now, Bravestorm has finally seen a release in the US. Along with the announcement of this Western release, a new English dubbed trailer was uploaded to YouTube. You can see it below.

Bravestorm stars Kamen Rider OOO‘s Shu Watanabe (Eiji Hino/Kamen Rider OOO) as Ken Kurenai alongside Shunsuke Daito’s Koji Kasuga. Daito also played the villainous Time Jacker, Tid, in Kamen Rider Hesei Generations Forever. In addition, Tom Fujita (Haruka Mizusawa/Kamen Rider Amazon Omega) plays Shu, and Chihiro Yamamoto (Laiha Toba in Ultraman Geed) plays Haruka Kasuga.

Sources: YouTube via SciFi Japan, Bravestorm Official Website

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