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Ultraman: Kaiju Kombat Video Game Planned For Fall 2020

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Ultraman: Kaiju Kombat Video Game Planned For Fall 2020

Elevated Games is developing a new video game featuring classic Ultraman heroes and kaiju with a planned release in Fall 2020.

Following last August’s announcement of the global expansion of the Ultraman series, California-based game developer Elevated Games has partnered with Tsuburaya to create a brand new Ultraman video game. Ultraman: Kaiju Kombat will be the first Ultraman video game created by a non-Japanese developer, and it will feature chess-inspired combat between Ultras and kaiju on a chessboard.

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While speaking with Ultraman Galaxy, Elevated Games Co-Founder Jaron Hinds described the gameplay.

“The game is going to be an auto-chess battler. You’ll start with one Ultra on a chess board facing off against another player. Let’s say you send out Ultraman and he fights Baltan and defeats him with his Spacium Beam. Ultraman moves to the next round, but now its two on two. Maybe it’s Ultraman and Father of Ultra fighting two Kaiju. Or, maybe you’ve recruited a Kaiju to aid Ultraman. What we eventually end up with is a ten on ten all-out battle, with beam and Kaiju attacks flying across the field. We really want to emphasize to the player is that these are 140-foot Ultras and Kaiju who are knocking down buildings and causing absolute chaos.”

The game’s concept evolved from a fighting game about the founder of Bitcoin facing off against a banker into one where the human player becomes a mech through inserting chips into their arm. Hinds explained that after noticing similarities between the latter concept and Netflix’s anime series, ULTRAMAN, Elevated Games reached out to Tsuburaya, not expecting to get a response.

Other in-game features will include the ability to customize the environment surrounding the chessboard, leveling up characters to make them stronger, and getting access to golden age Ultraman characters and all of their kaiju and alien opponents. Hinds explains that his team also wants to use this game to “give players the opportunity to become more intimate with the media surrounding Ultraman as they build their teams.”

The Ultraman: Kaiju Kombat video game is expected to release in Fall of 2020 with the Alpha soft launch set for September. Players can sign up for the pre-launch at this link.

Source: Ultraman Galaxy

A Game Design and Production graduate of the Class of 2019, Brody is a creative who loves to draw, write, design, and dive deep into entertainment. He enjoys reverse engineering and analyzing the deeper meaning of video games, comics, movies, and of course, tokusatsu.

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