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Official Ultraman English Twitter Account and Website Launches


Official Ultraman English Twitter Account and Website Launches

Tsuburaya Productions launches the official English Ultraman Twitter account, as well as Ultraman Galaxy, produced by Starlight Runner Entertainment.

Tsuburaya Productions has officially launched their global Ultraman Twitter account. The twitter account Ultraman Global (@TsuburayaGlobal) is for distributing the latest news from the Ultraman franchise by Tsuburaya Productions through the global market.

Along with the launch of Tsuburaya Productions global Twitter account, a new official Ultraman website also launched. The Ultraman Galaxy website, is produced by Starlight Runner Entertainment in association with Tsuburaya Productions. Starlight Runner Entertainment recently has begun working with Tsuburaya Productions to help with the global marketing of the Ultra series.

The Ultraman Galaxy website contains news, videos, and various information from licensing for the franchise to new products launching. The website also contains a section for breaking down key points of the Ultra series. Character profiles for various Ultra heroes and Kaiju are here, as well as sections explaining key terminology and the history of the series.

Sources: Tsuburaya Global Twitter , Ultraman Galaxy

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