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Gamera: The Complete Collection Announced


Gamera: The Complete Collection Announced

The Blu-Ray box set for the complete collection of Gamera movies is available for pre order through Arrow Films.

Arrow Films has announced a new Blu-Ray box set involving the Gamera series. Gamera: The Complete Collection brings all twelve of the original movies together in one box set, with the movies restored in high definition, and the original Japanese and English audio tracks. Also included in this box set are 4k restorations of the Heisei trilogy: Gamera the Guardian of the Universe, Gamera 2: Attack of Legion, and Gamera 3: Revenve of Iris.

The collectors edition of the box set holds all 8 disks in a custom designed box, illustrated by Matt Frank. The collectors edition also includes new bonus features, such as special commentaries and interviews with the cast and crew of the movies. Also a part of this box set is the Blu-ray of Gammera The Invincible, the American theatrical adaptation of the first Gamera film.

A hardback 120-page comic book is also apart of this collectors edition. This comic includes a full color reprint of the original Gamera comic series from 1996 released by Dark Horse Comics. For the first time as well in English a printing of the prequel comic “The Last Hope” by Matt Frank and Joshua Bugosh is also included. An 80 page book is also apart of the collection. This book includes a new retrospective of the series by Patrick Macias and kaiju X-ray illustrations by Jolyn Yates.

Gamera: The Complete Collection is currently available for pre order on Arrow Film’s website. The 8 disk Blu-Ray set will release on July 27th, 2020.

Source: Arrow Films

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