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New Ultraman Zero Products Released By GraffArts


New Ultraman Zero Products Released By GraffArts

The official GraffArts online shop has announced new Ultraman Zero inspired products.

GraffArts has unveiled a new series of online store products inspired by Ultraman Zero. The new new products include a number of can badge accessories. These accessories come in a box set of six badges each. Each badge is approximately 65 mm in diameter. The Ultraman Zero 01 can badge boxset is priced at 3,168 yen (288 yen tax).

Next up in the list of new items from GraffArts is the Ultraman Zero Acrylic Petit Stand 01 Box set. It is a stand type item consisting of six stands, all made of acrylic processed material with a die cut. The back side is plain white. The Ultraman Zero Acrylic Petit Stand Box set costs 5,280 yen (480 yen tax).

GraffArts has also revealed their Ultraman Zero Leather Fusen Book  01 / Set Design. This book is designed for easy transportability and is convenient for putting in a pocket or pen case. The book is made from high-quality paper Additinally, the product has a proportion of 57 x 11 x 77mm measurements, and costs 550 yen (50 yen tax).

Additionally,  GraffArts has announced the release of their Hard case Ultraman Zero phone cases. The cases are detailed with character designs from Ultraman Zero, and are compatible with iPhone6/6s/7/8. The product is approximately 140 (height) x 67 (width) x 7 (diameter) mm. The Ultraman Zero Hard Cases cost 2,178 yen (198 yen tax).

Lastly, GraffArts has unveiled their Ultraman Zero Suma Chara Ring product. These rings are designed to be easily operated with one hand, and are capable of mounting and sticking to iPhone smartphones and tablets. If you fold the ring, it can be stored in a pocket or bag as well. If the adhesive part is flat, it can be used for almost all smartphones and tablets The Ultraman Zero Suma Chara Rings have a product size proportion of 40 x 35mm. This product costs 1,518 yen (138 yen tax).


Source: GraffArts Online Shop

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