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New Gashapon World Releases For October 2019


New Gashapon World Releases For October 2019

Gashapon World has announced a new line-up of Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger and Ultraman Taiga releases for October 2019.

Gashapon World has announced their new Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger and Ultraman Taiga toy releases September 2019. First off, the Gashapon Movable Deformation Pakigaroo & Cosmo Raptor sets have been announced. The set comprises of Kishiryu Pachygaroo and Chibigaroo. Additionally, the Kishiryu CosmoRaptor (comprised of ShineRaptor and ShadowRaptor) has also been announced as part of this set as well. This set is scheduled to release on the 3rd week of October 2019. Orders are currently priced at 300 yen.

Next in the lineup of new toy releases are the new Movable Ryusouls. Each Ryusoul corresponds with a specific member of the Ryusoulgers. These Ryusoul’s feature moving parts that allow them to be posed into dancing positions from the Ryusoulger’s transformation sequence. The Movable Ryusoul set will be available on the 5th week of October 2019. They are currently priced at 300 yen.

Lastly, the latest toy merchandise for the current installment of the Ultra franchise, Ultraman Taiga, has also been revealed. All items are original Gashapon exclusives of items from the DX toy lines. These are expected to release on the 2nd week of October 2019. This set is currently priced at 400 yen.

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