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Ultraman Taiga’s Yuki Inoue Opens Fan Channels

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Ultraman Taiga’s Yuki Inoue Opens Fan Channels

Yuki Inoue (Hiroyuki Kudo in Ultraman Taiga) has opened a Twitter account and fan site ahead of his calendar launch.

Yuki Inoue has been seeing success as the actor playing the host of this year’s titular Ultraman Taiga. His official fan site was launched earlier this month on September 3rd. In addition, Inoue’s fans will be happy to know an official Twitter account was established in his name. This news precedes the announcement of Inoue’s upcoming calendar release.

The upcoming release marks the first calendar of Inoue’s career, and a release event will be held to commemorate it. The event will take place on October 27th in Tokyo. Inoue commented that he is looking forward to meeting his fans.

Yuki Inoue portrays Hiroyuki Kudo in Ultraman Taiga. Kudo becomes the host for Ultraman Taiga when Taiga’s “particle of light,” held within Kudo’s body, allows the Ultraman’s power to revive. Ultraman Taiga, Tsuburaya’s 31st Ultra Series show, is currently airing.

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