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Kamen Rider Zero-One Hypothetical Forms Teased


Kamen Rider Zero-One Hypothetical Forms Teased

The official Kamen Rider site updates with a Kamen Rider Zero-One episode preview and the promise of form change possibilities. 

Funasen, of Bandai’s Rider toy business team, wrote up a blog post that begins with news of the Complete Selection Modification line but transitions into commenting on the latest episode preview for Kamen Rider Zero-One.

After each episode, Kamen Rider Web provides a blog post previewing the next episode. At the end of these blog posts are a list of Progrise Keys and accompanying artwork of the forms they provide. With episode 2 and the debut of Kamen Rider Vulcan in his Shooting Wolf form, they also included a hypothetical design for Kamen Rider Zero-One in his own version of Shooting Wolf.

Lunasen acknowledges that the older fans appreciated this inclusion. He goes on to say that in recent productions, there have been an increasing number of possible forms that have appeared on toy packaging or in Ganbarizing but not in the main fiction.

Ganbarizing has made original designs as far back as Kamen Rider OOO with the Panda Medal, but as of Kamen Rider Build‘s final quarter, the last few toy exclusive forms seemed to only be shown on DX toy packaging. This has become the norm for all of the Rider Armors not shown in Kamen Rider Zi-O fiction.

After citing examples, he goes on to say this:

However, I think this is a new effort: “What if an item used as the basic form for another Rider is used by the lead Rider?” For Riders so far, there were many cases where the items were different but the belts were the same.

For example, if Emu/Ex-Aid were to use [Brave’s Taddle Quest Gashat], he’d be Kamen Rider Ex-Aid (Quest Gamer) – would he have a different look from Brave, or would they look exactly the same since the hardware and software are the same? There were many cases where this conclusion was not clearly shown.

(Well, there WAS an example of “tied transformations” where Kamen Rider Baron’s Lemon Energy Arms and Kamen Rider Duke’s Lemon Energy Arms have the same hardware and software, but had different designs.)

But this year’s Kamen Rider has clearly different transformation belt systems between [the first and second Riders], and it’s clearly shown that there are established design aesthetics associated with the hardware. Therefore, if you used another person’s item on this device, you’d imagine there wouldn’t be a vague expectation – it’d be a clearly different look!

Lunasen ends by mentioning that the next episode, debuting September 15th, will feature the debut of Kamen Rider Valkyrie, who uses the Rushing Cheetah Progrise Key, and suggests keeping an eye on the official site.

Source: Bandai Omocha Web

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