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GAROpia History Book: Second Edition Announced


GAROpia History Book: Second Edition Announced

Updated visual history of the GARO franchise to be released in time for latest GARO film debut.

The second edition of the visual history book of the GARO franchise, entitled GAROpia, will be released on September 30, just before the release of the latest film, GARO: Moonbow Traveler, and will retail for 1500 yen. Since the first edition of the GAROpia was released in 2015, the new edition will cover all aspects of the production of the franchise from it’s start in 2005 to the present. Several interviews with the staff and crew of all the different GARO series will be included in the book, featuring special interviews with several cast members including Mika Hijii (Kaoru), Masahiro Inoue (Jinga), and Masei Nakayama who plays Raiga in the latest film.

The story of GARO: Moonbow Traveler has the cast of Garo: Makai Flower facing against a new threat. A man in a white mask (Satoshi Matsuda) appears during the night of a full moon to attack Raiga and Mayuri. The masked man takes Mayuri, forcing Raiga to follow them onto a mysterious train to save her. The film will also see the return of both Ryosei Konishi and Hiroyuki Watanabe as Raiga’s father Kouga and grandfather Taiga, both bearers of the Garo armor. The film, which screened at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal earlier this year, will hit theaters in Japan on October 4th.

Source: Garo Project Website

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