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SSSS.GRIDMAN Receives Seiun Award For Best Dramatic Presentation


SSSS.GRIDMAN Receives Seiun Award For Best Dramatic Presentation

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SSSS. GRIDMAN has received the Seiun Award for Best Dramatic Presentation of 2018

Recently on the official SSSS. GRIDMAN Twitter it was announced that the show received the Seiun Award for Best Dramatic Presentation. This award is given out to recognize the best science fiction works and achievements from the prior year.

SSSS. GRIDMAN has won the 50th Seiun Award Media Division. Thank you for choosing this honorable honor in the anniversary of the milestone year! Director Amamiya who was on the stage is also very happy!

Akira Amemiya, the director of SSSS. GRIDMAN, also had this to say about winning the award:

Thank you very much for the wonderful award today. I hope to see more adaptation of Toku works. Of course “SSSS.GRIDMAN” itself is still going lively, so thank you for your continued support!

This also marks the fourth Tokusatsu themed series to win the Seuin Award. Other Tokusatsu series that have won the award are Ultraman Tiga, Kamen Rider Kuuga, and Tokuso Sentai Dekaranger.

Source: SSSS. GRIDMAN Official Twitter

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