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Lord Zedd’s Actor Takes To GoFundMe To Cover Medical Costs

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Lord Zedd’s Actor Takes To GoFundMe To Cover Medical Costs

Robert Axelrod (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’s Lord Zedd) is raising funds to cover his medical costs following surgery.

Robert Axelrod, the voice behind Lord Zedd from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, underwent a major back surgery one year ago. Unfortunately, due to complications, he was unable to move. In an effort to raise funds for the mounting medical costs, a GoFundMe campaign was been established. The campaign was started by Zachery McGinnis, Axelrod’s “Appearance Agent” according to the first campaign update.

After nine months between updates 4 and 5, McGinnis reported earlier this week that Axelrod is still in the hospital and is immobile from the waist down. A picture of Axelrod in his current condition was also posted in the update. McGinnis continued, writing:

“Insurance only covers so much and after nearly a year without work and mounting medical debt he only has enough funds to cover the next two months or so worth of bills.

Over the last year on each visit we have had him sign a limited number of photos. In total he has only had the energy to sign 147 pictures.

Roberts cast-mate, Austin St. John the Original Red Ranger will be listing the autographed photos for sell on his website this week.”

The current campaign goal is $20,000 USD, and at the time of writing there have been $14,715 USD raised. Axelrod’s signed photos will be made available “this week” on Austin St. John’s (Jason/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Red Ranger) official website.

In addition to purchasing the signed photos and donating to the GoFundMe campaign, McGinnis points out sharing the campaign is another way to help, writing “Help spread the word!”

Source: GoFundMe

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