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Kamen Rider Actors Battle It Out In New King of Fighters Allstar PV

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Kamen Rider Actors Battle It Out In New King of Fighters Allstar PV

Kamen Rider actors Hiroshi Fujioka and Yuichi Nakamura star in the new King of Fighters Allstar promotion.

It has been recently announced that there will be a collaboration event for the Japanese mobile game King of Fighters Allstar. The game, which was released to audiences last year, will have six new characters featuring in the event from Samurai Spirits.

To promote this new event, a live-action video was released showing the clash players can look forward to between new fighters and old fighters. The two stars of the PV are Hiroshi Fujioka and Yuichi Nakamura, both of which have held popularity in Kamen Rider productions. Hiroshi Fujioka, is the titular Kamen Rider 1/Hongo Takeshi, from the first series back in 1971. He has reprised his role many times in subsequent series. Yuichi Nakamura is most recognized as Kamen Rider Zeronos/Yuto Sakurai from Kamen Rider Den-O, but he recently appeared in Kamen Rider Zi-O to play Kyosuke Kiriya in the Kamen Rider Hibiki arc. The two are dressed as characters, (Nakamura as King of Fighters’ Kyo Kusanagi, Fujioka as Samurai Spirits’ Haohmaru) and they have a showdown.

Source: Daisuki Toku

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