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Toei’s Creates New “Ryusoulger Dance” YouTube Channel


Toei’s Creates New “Ryusoulger Dance” YouTube Channel

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Toei’s new YouTube channel highlights various celebrities performing the Ryusoulger ending theme dance.

A new YouTube channel by Toei has been dedicated to the new ending theme to the latest Super Sentai series, Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger. Several tokusatsu-related actors and icons can now be found on Toei’s new official YouTube channel performing the dance to Ryusoulger’s ending theme, “Let’s Dance Together! Que Boom Dance!“.

In their most recent video, we see Koh/Ryuosul Red actor Hayate Ichinose perform the dance with a mascot of the character of Shin (of the Japanese manga series, Crayon Shin-chan) as a promotion for Kishryu Sentai Ryuusoulger. Other videos on the channel feature dance performances from fellow Ryusoulger cast members, such as Tatsuya Kishida (Bamba/Ryusoul Black), Ichika Osaki (Asuna/Ryusoul Pink), Yuito Obara (Towa/Ryusoul Green), and Keito Tsuna (Melt/Ryusol Blue). Other videos include dance videos from the crew at Toei as well as a video from fellow Super Sentai and Kamen Rider veteran actor Hideya Tawada.

Source: Que Bom Dance Toei Official

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