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GARO: Moonbow Traveler Movie First Images


GARO: Moonbow Traveler Movie First Images

Information for the upcoming 2019 Garo movie has been released.

Entitled GARO: Moonbow Traveler (牙狼〈GARO〉-月虹ノ旅人- / Garo -Gekkou no Tabibito-), the movie sees the return of the main cast of GARO: Makai Flower. After being announced in November 2014, the movie was finally reported to have finished filming in late 2018. The movie, penned and directed by series creator Keita Amemiya, is planned for an autumn 2019 release.

Below are comments from the cast:

Masei Nakayama (Raiga Saezima)
To all the fans who supported GARO – “We’re home”. We’re back. Mayuri. Plus, Crow, Gonza and Zaruba. And most of all, Director Amemiya. I’m very happy to to make this with everyone again. And of course, being able to meet all everyone who have supported GARO. Please wait just a little longer until the release of GARO – Garo: Moonbow Traveller- .

Natsumi Ishibashi (Mayuri)
After the events of Makai Flower, how has Mayuri changed and grown? It interested me personally, and this time in Moonbow Traveller, I appear as Mayuri alongside Raiga and seeing the scenery as Mayuri was a joy and happy time. I think Moonbow Traveller has a outrageous story for fans of GARO. I think from start to finish, and repeated watches, it will be a enjoyable movie. Please look enjoy it at the cinema!

Atomu Mizuishi (Crow)
It’s been three & half years since Makai Retsuden. I’ve been able to come back as Crow once again. Raiga, Mayuri and Gonza too. I’m happy I’m able to fight again with my comrades, who are like family to me. I can’t wait to show all the fans who love GARO this movie. Please wait for the release with big expectations!

Yukijiro Hotaru (Gonza)
(Gonza’s confession) It has been quite some time since, I, Gonza could have the pleasure of meeting Master Raiga and everyone. Although I hurt my back doing rigorous scenes. My hair may be thinning, I’m still quite robust. I had no idea it would come to this! Ah, I want to confess something. No, no! It’s nothing! Please look forward to watching the movie!

Source: Press Release

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