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Premium Bandai Announces SH Figuarts Ultimate Aegis Parts Set


Premium Bandai Announces SH Figuarts Ultimate Aegis Parts Set

Premium Bandai offers new armor parts utilized by Ultraman Zero and Ultraman X

Premium Bandai has announced a new Option Parts set in the form of the Ultimate Aegis. The new armor set can be utilized by either Ultraman Zero or Ultraman X, both of which are available as SH Figuarts now. In addition to the base armor with the Ultimate Zero Sword, the set will include an option for the Shield form and Final Ultimate Zero weapon configuration of the armor.

In the mythos of Ultraman Zero, the Ultimate Aegis was bestowed upon him by Ultraman Noa and was used to give Zero an edge in his fight against Ultraman Belial. In Ultraman X, the titular hero is given access to an exact copy of the armor via a Cyber Card, which allows for both Ultramen to use its powers, which include dimension travel and enhanced offensive capabilities.

The set will retail for 3240 yen and is available for pre-order now over at the Premium Bandai website for a July release.

Source: Premium Bandai

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