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Hasbro Reveals Toys for Power Rangers Beast Morpher


Hasbro Reveals Toys for Power Rangers Beast Morpher

Toy Fair 2019 brings Power Rangers fans a first look at the toys Hasbro will be making for the 2019 series, Power Rangers Beast Morphers

Starting this year, Power Rangers Beast Morphers is the first Power Rangers entry to be made by Hasbro, who bought the rights to the franchise in 2018 – it is an adaptation of Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters. In Beast Morphers, scientists have converted the power of the Morphing Grid into a substance called Morph-X. A group of teens, who are infused with animal DNA and morph into the Power Rangers Beast Morphers, protect the Morph-X from the evil forces of Evox.

Beast-X Morpher

The main morphing device used by the Rangers, the Beast-X Morpher is advertised to have music, lights and sounds, and activates when the wearer says “It’s morphin’ time!” By moving it around, fighting sounds and animal sounds will play. It makes use of a key gimmick not seen in the original Go-Busters series.

Release Date: Spring 2019

Price: $29.99

6″ Basic Figures Assortment

These 6″ tall action figures feature a fair amount of articulation, along with their weapons and an X-Morph Key. These keys can interact with the Beast-X Morpher, but can also be used as an additional weapon for the figure.

The assortment includes:

  • Red Ranger
  • Blue Ranger
  • Yellow Ranger
  • Tronic
  • Cybervillain Blaze

Tronic is one of the recurring grunts led by Evox, while Cybervillain Blaze is based on Dark Buster, a villainous Ranger who only appeared in the finale of Go-Busters.

Release Date: Spring 2019

Price: $9.99

Source: ScreenRant

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