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Super Sentai Strongest Battle Returning Actors Share Their Thoughts


Super Sentai Strongest Battle Returning Actors Share Their Thoughts

Super Sentai alumni share their thoughts about returning to the special.

Kousei Yuki/Keiichiro from Lupinranger vs Patranger

I am really happy to be able to appear alongside Super Sentai alumni. It’s a real blessing to be able to bring you Keiichirou immediately after our current series run. There’s a lot to watch for but I think the keywords you people should keep in mind are heart, togetherness, and bond. Please be sure to check it out.

Mao Ichimichi/Luka from Gokaiger

I’m so happy to be apart of the Super Sentai Strongest Battle mini event. I’ll be returning as Gokai Yellow/Luka Millfy. Once again I’m going in super cool like a pirate. Please watch how my character goes into battle alongside other heroes in this flashy war.

Noboru Kaneko/Kakeru from Gaoranger

Is this your limit? It’s been years since Kakeru Shishi’s been here. It’s been a while since I’ve worn this jacket, if I don’t get someone from my generation to wear it with me, it’d be tough (sweats). I have an inferiority complex in my couple shots with the other heroes so please be kind to me. Please CG over my old-man wrinkles! But really, it was super fun. And as always it was super cold. Voice dubbing was also so difficult. Thank you for having me.

Masayuki Deai/Eiji from Boukenger

When I first heard about this special, I was so nervous because I’m completely different from who I was all those years ago but I felt so relieved when everyone, like the Director and Staff, told me “Eiji is back!” I’m so happy to be able to reprise my role as Eiji Takaoka from Gogo Sentai Boukenger after thirteen years. And alas, how great is it to be able to eat “that” vegetable again.

Yasuhisa Furuhara/Sousuke from Go-Onger

Hi everyone! I’m home! It’s me, Sousuke! I didn’t think I could come back this soon. The Go-Ongers can pass through dimensions so possibilities are endless. We’re prepared to always be an intrusion to other worlds out there (laughs.) It’s exciting to see us clash with other Super Sentai members with varying abilities. Please look forward to watching mine and Eiji’s strange chemistry. Be sure to not miss Sousuke being super polite and courteous in his words and demeanor. We’ll meet again! Go-On!

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