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Cho Animedia Interviews Build’s Kaho Takada and Zi-O’s Shieri Ohata


Cho Animedia Interviews Build’s Kaho Takada and Zi-O’s Shieri Ohata

Kaho Takada (Misora in Kamen Rider Build) and Shieri Ohata (Tsukuyomi in Kamen Rider Zi-O) were recently interviewed together by Cho Animedia to talk about their first impressions and the filming of Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER.

Interviewer: What were your first impressions of each other meeting during filming and at events?

Takada: Our “hellos” were actually in the make-up room. I felt that she (Ohata) had an aura of reticent and mystery. Then just like that my first impression of her vanished! She’s actually a friendly type who kind of depends on others. Even at the recording area, we had zero time of actually recording together, but one time we passed by each other and she gleefully shouted “Kaho!” I was so happy. That’s actually where I realized her shyness. She’s a girl who, the more you talk to her, the more cute qualities you find.

Ohata: Before I greeted her, Takada was talking to the make-up artist. Her voice was so cute. I kept asking the make-up artist in charge of my make-up, “is my voice not cute? It’s not terrible right?” But when it came time to introduce myself, I could only do so with a voice of full of shyness. She greeted me with a smile but I greeted her with a serious face…

Takada: It really was (laughs)

Ohata: I’m so sorry! It was a one-on-one with you so I got so nervous. But you had such a nice smile so I secretly thought of you as an “older sister” type.

Takada: Really?

Ohata: Really! You’re so cute. My switch went on and I just kept myself glued to you.

Takada: I’m actually shy myself so I’m glad you stuck with me. Then we became friends, and within the thirty minutes before this interview, we actually had pasta together.

Ohata: I didn’t think we could eat in thirty minutes but we did (laughs). Today I learned from her (Takada) that even dining out in thirty minutes is possible (laughs.)

Takada: This is actually something I learned while filming Kamen Rider Build. Lunch on set was delicious and all but when it’s all you’re eating for a year, there’ll be days when you crave something more. Which is why myself and other members of the cast dined out sometimes. The men can eat within thirty minutes so I have to keep up!

Ohata: That’s so true! I was nervous today too but I managed to eat everything within eight minutes despite thinking that I couldn’t.

Interviewer: You timed yourself huh.

Ohata: I timed myself right after the food came out (laughs). I wanted to have lunch somewhere with Takada so I was happy that we had a chance to.

Interviewer: Besides learning about having to learn to eat within thirty minutes, what else did you learn from Takada?

Ohata: Let’s see.

Takada: I still haven’t taught her anything yet. If I had to give advice on anything… there’ll be a lot of opportunity besides filming for Kamen Rider such as movie tours and events, to meet people. You probably won’t gain much experience. Which is why you should just have fun.

Ohata: Really?

Takada: Yeah. If you get too used to it, then audience members who come to these events won’t have any fun. There can be as much as three stage greetings in one day and you’ll probably get asked the same questions over and over again, but audience members won’t know that. So don’t get used to it. Heroines need to have fun.

Ohata: Thank you for the advice. At the Premium Kamen Rider Zi-O event held on December 9, I had fun being in front of an audience.

Takada: Continue to hold onto that feeling.

Interviewer: At the Premium Event, both the Zi-O and Build teams were present, but I felt that the Build team’s exchange went very smoothly.

Ohata: Understood. At the Premium Event, I finally realized the difference between my and Build’s team. Even though I spent more than a day thinking up comments… There really is a difference between last season and this season’s teams. You guys have a lot of reliance on each other and are able to say many things to each other. I have to use the best of my abilities when I speak even though it’s my own comments.

Takada: When you’re with each other for more than a year, you’ll be able to work together like that. At an event, you’ll be able to say something and expect the other person to reply accordingly. We were in the same boat too.

Ohata: Really?

Takada:  Of course. We felt the same when we were at an even with Team Ex-Aid. So don’t worry, you’ll be able to build that type of trust with your team.

Interviewer: The Zi-O team was asked what they wanted to do before the Heisei Era ends right. You all had similar comments regarding travel and such right? That’s a result of your teamwork (laughs).

Takada: Let me add to that! What do you mean you want to travel with everyone?

Ohata: No no no! I’ve always wanted to travel. Then when it came up, Sougo (Sou Okuno) said he wanted to travel too, and that we’d split up overseas or if we travel within the country. Then Woz (Keisuke Watanabe) mentioned that he wanted to live overseas. Speaking of which, at another interview, he talked about cuisine instead of taking a trip (laugh). Geiz (Gaku Oshida) also talked about traveling with everyone.

Takada: Zi-O Heroine, idle complaints won’t stop! (laughs). It’s proof of getting along. Grease and I also said, “they have similar answers don’t they.”

Interviewer: Thank you both for sharing with us your team ambiance and how well you get along. I’m sure you’ve been asked this often, but Kamen Rider is a series about justice. What is a hero of justice to you two?

Takada: This is a hard question… I played the “heroine” in Kamen Rider Build, Kamen Riders and a hero of justice are beings close to oneself, and it’s their purpose to not have an objective point of view.

Ohata: It’s a rather large being. No matter how much I think about it, there’s no end to what they can be defined as. I believe that heroes of justice differ depending on a person. Depending on someone’s experiences and personality, what they believe as a hero is different. Even if two people do look up to the same person, they are attracted by different things. So maybe a hero of justice is a being who is someone’s moral support.

Takada: I see. I mainly know a lot about Build but, the main hero, Sento Kiryuu, seeks no reward. I think he’s a really cool hero. He’s someone who is a genius physicist on paper, but is really an idiot, but, he would sacrifice himself just to save many. And honestly, he’s really sincere. Perhaps he’s my hero of justice.

Interviewer: You probably have an emotional attachment having been with him for over a year. By the way, there was someone who had the same opinion of justice like you, Ohata.

Ohata: Really? Who?

Interviewer: You’ll find out after the interview.

Ohata: I’m curious now! Am I psychic?

Interviewer: Perhaps.

Ohata: Awesome!

Takada: Oh no. What should I do? “Love and Peace!” If Inukai was asked this, I’m sure he said this.

Interviewer: He didn’t. (laughs)

Takada: He didn’t? Geez.

Interviewer: Even apart, Team Build has exchanges. That must be the bonds you share.

Takada: Thank you for putting it that way (laughs).

Interviewer: Thank you for sharing so much. Now, what is something we should look out for in this movie?

Takada: I also really want to see this movie. It’s the last Heisei movie so everyone on staff really worked hard on it and put in all their effort. Please watch for it.

Ohata: I really like the scene when Misora yells “urrah!” and becomes super active. It really took me by surprise.

Takada: Movie Misora is on a rampage. Please watch attentively at that scene. I want everyone to watch this movie because it’s the torch passing between Build and Zi-O.

Ohata: In this movie, Tsukuyomi loses her memory and becomes a typical high school student. Please watch for that. She’ll say some harsh things to Sougo and Geiz so please don’t hate her (laughs.)

Source: Cho-Animedia

Long time Tokusatsu fan.

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