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JINGA Cast Celebrates Halloween Out In Shibuya


JINGA Cast Celebrates Halloween Out In Shibuya

The cast of the latest installment of the GARO franchise took to the streets of Shibuya to celebrate “Garo-ween”

In an unexpected move, the main cast of the latest Garo series, Kami no Kiba: JINGA arrived just in time to celebrate Halloween on the streets of Shibuya. Actors Masahiro Inoue, Miyavi Matsunoi, and Yuuka Kaori took in some of the nightlife while dressed in full costume and escorted by the version of the Garo armor seen in Garo: GOLD STORM as well as a handful of guards/handlers.

The official Twitter account of the franchise chronicles most of their activities including several videos of the cast walking the streets, getting stopped for photos with excited fans, and getting drinks at the Hibiya Bar, which you can check out below.  In the video, Inoue can be heard using the phrase “Happy Garo-ween”, which is also the hashtag used in the videos.

Over the last few years, the popularity of Halloween has become steadily more and more popular, with many citizens to choosing dress up and congregate in Shibuya in ever-increasing numbers. Although there is a concern for crowds getting rowdy and disorderly on Halloween in Shibuya, having a Makai Knight nearby may help with keeping the peace.

Currently airing in Japan, Kami no Kiba: JINGA follows the titular hero Jinga Mikage, once again played by Inoue, who has been reborn as a Makai Knight on the side of good who must deal with the current Horror threat as well as the responsibility of training his younger brother, Touma.

Source: Official GARO Twitter account

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1 Comment

  1. Bryan

    November 14, 2018 at 1:23 pm

    Anyway to watch the videos?

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