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Japan Votes for the “Coolest” Kamen Rider Actor in the Heisei Era.


Japan Votes for the “Coolest” Kamen Rider Actor in the Heisei Era.

The latest poll to take a look back at the Heisei era of the Kamen Rider series has respondents picking the “coolest” Kamen Rider actor.

1: Takeru Satoh (Kamen Rider Den-O)
2: Sota Fukushi (Kamen Rider Fourze)
3: Masaki Suda (Kamen Rider W)
4: Ryoma Takeuchi (Kamen Rider Drive)
5. Hiro Mizushima (Kamen Rider Kabuto)
6: Ryo Yoshizawa (Kamen Rider Meteor from Kamen Rider Fourze)
7: Jun Kaname (Kamen Rider G3 from Kamen Rider Agito)
8: Seto Koji (Kamen Rider Kiva)
9: Joe Odagiri (Kamen Rider Kuuga)
10: Tokuyama Hidenori (Kamen Rider TheBee/Kick Hopper from Kamen Rider Kabuto)

Kamen Rider Den-O‘s Takeru Satoh came in first place. Many believe his coolness comes from his acting chops in playing a character who was marketed as “the weakest in all of history”. Ryotaro, Satoh’s character, was a young adult for whom everything seemed to go wrong 99% of the time. Ryotaro was a character who would sacrifice himself to save other and despite that weakness, his kind nature conveyed the true inner strength of the character.

As a character, Ryotaro was also popular with adults in the audience. Those adults were touched by his docile and loving nature just as much as the kids watching.

Kamen Rider Fourze‘s Sota Fukushi, who played Gentaro Kisaragi, came in second. The character’s outward appearance belied his inner love for the world around him. Although he dressed like a “punk”, Gentaro was the type of person who wanted to befriend the entire world, including his enemies. Such a character was deemed necessary in showing children that good needs to persevere following the tragedies of the 3/11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

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