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Tsuburaya Announces “Darkness Heels” Project


Tsuburaya Announces “Darkness Heels” Project

The studio behind the Ultraman series has announced a new multimedia project.

Tsuburaya’s “Darkness Heels” project will star a variety of evil characters from the world of the Ultraman series. The characters include Ultraman Belial, who made his debut in 2009’s Ultra Galaxy Legends, Dark Zagi from 2004’s Ultraman Nexus, Evil Tiga and Camearra from the world of Ultraman Tiga and Jugglus Juggler from Ultraman Orb.

A special event to introduce the project, Dark Heroes Special Night, took place during the 2018 Ultraman Festival.

The first dedicated live show event for the project will take place on October 18th, the Halloween event Darkness Heels World.

The official website gives the following descriptions of the project’s main characters:

Ultraman Belial
The worst of the worst. An Ultraman from the Land of Light who fell to darkness thanks to his greed.

Evil Tiga
The antithesis of Ultraman Tiga, a dark giant who mimics Ultraman Tiga’s looks, described as “the ancient giant who fooled God”.

Dark Zagi
The living incarnation of evil whose name is feared throughout the galaxy.

A love-having female warrior who is overwhelmed by jealously. She first appeared in the finale movie to the Tiga story, Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey.

Jugglus Juggler
The enemy from Ultraman Orb, described as “a demon who wants to fall further into darkness”.

A special exhibition will take place in Tokyo’s Soramachi West Yard, where a 3.6 meter tall picture of Belial will be on display alongside other goods and paraphernalia.

Source: Tsuburaya Station

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