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Summary of Zi-O SG Watcher: Vol.4


Summary of Zi-O SG Watcher: Vol.4

Bandai’s candy toy blog posted a new entry for Kamen Rider Zi-O, talking about roleplay toys and the second wave of SO-DO Kamen Rider Zi-O.

The man in charge of candy toy development goes by D, and in honor of Zi-O, he has changed his usual nickname to Di-O.

Di-O opens by commenting on the debut of episode 1 last week, the expectations that came with it, the heart-pumping moments, and how cool he found Kamen Rider Geiz’s transformation. He also draws attention to the updated layout of the candy toy homepage for Kamen Rider.

The main focus of the blog this time is Kamen Rider Zi-O Arms, this year’s candy toy roleplay items. These aresmall-scalee model kit replicas of the transformation gear and weaponry, and will feature metallic stickers for the first time since Kamen Rider Drive‘s kits.

This first wave includes the Ziku-Driver, which comes with the Zi-O RideWatch; The Zikan Girade, which comes with the Build RideWatch; And the RideWatch Holder, which comes with the Geiz RideWatch.

The RideWatches covers are all turnable, displaying the date and Rider emblem. As this is a model kit, the date displayed on the Ziku-Driver is a sticker, but they have included a 2018 sticker for Zi-O and a 2068 sticker for Geiz, depending on which you would prefer to use. You would need to own a second belt to display both.

Di-O also celebrates the fact that there is now a new commercial for SO-DO Kamen Rider Zi-O, and thanks the readers for taking an interest in the line. He still thinks to himself “There’s really TV commercials for candy toys?!” after all this time.

He also shares a “secret story” about the production of the commercials, comparing this year’s to last year’s SO-DO Kamen Rider Build commercial. Di-O explains that the last one had to spend more time explaining Build’s unique form change system, which involved giving you half of a figure for each box. This was, as Di-O likes to say, troublesome. Commercials in Japan can be quite short, after all.

Since Zi-O uses a similar type of armor system as their first SO-DO series for Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, they were able to be more brief about how the armor was split up, and could put more emphasis on the range of motion and articulation involved – the articulation and additional hands are both things Di-O has put emphasis on in previous blog posts.

On the subject of SO-DO, Di-O reveals the first addition to RIDE2, the second wave of SO-DO Kamen Rider Zi-O: GhostArmor. This form was seen at the end of episode 1, and seeing the Ghost Eyecons used as shoulder armor makes Di-O feel tearfully nostalgic. He reiterated that those who buy the Armor Changing Kamen Rider Geiz from the first wave will be able to use this armor with it. It will come with its own display stand.

Much like the previously revealed BuildArmor, this comes with an alternate helmet piece so that Zi-O can also wear the armor. With Zi-O’s helmet and visor, he bares a stronger resemblance to Kamen Rider Ghost.

Geiz’s signature weapon, the Zikan Zax, is included in RIDE1 in its Bow Mode, and is included in RIDE2 in its Ax Mode. Di-O comments on how it’s a cool and stylish weapon, and that any Riders who use an ax – Tiger, Kabuto and Chaser, just to name a few – look like such strong men.

Di-O ends with a photo that he took in commemoration of these first two episodes of Zi-O, which both featured Build and Cross-Z.

“The next update will be Sunday, September 16th! The keyword is ‘I’ll change the fate of my patient!’ Next week we’ll also review the next Zi-O candy toys, so please look forward to it!”

Source: Bandai Candy Staff Blog

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