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Comics Corner: BOOM! Studios Power Morphicon/Beyond the Grid Panels and News


Comics Corner: BOOM! Studios Power Morphicon/Beyond the Grid Panels and News

From SHATTERED GRID to Beyond the Grid, a host of Power Rangers comic news has come from BOOM! Studios during Power Morphicon.

At Power Morphicon on August 18th, BOOM! Studio’s revealed a plethora of previews for not just the finale of SHATTERED GRID, but also what will be happening in the comics following the event’s shocking conclusion. Also, in addition to that was news and teaser pages relating to the Tommy Oliver focused graphic novel “Soul of the Dragon.”


With SHATTERED GRID having now reached its mighty conclusion, it’s time to look at the recent reveals pertaining to the future of BOOM! Studio’s Power Rangers comics. There are now a whole lot more details on just how Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will be going “Beyond The Grid,” following the finale of “Shattered Grid,” in both Go GO Power Rangers and the main MMPR book.

Issue 31 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will see the debut of an all-new Ranger team made up of characters from throughout the series 25-year long run. The issue will also see the debut of a new creative team with writer Marguerite Bennet and artist Simone Di Meo taking the series in its bold new direction. The final details of the brand new team have also been revealed, the roster is Kimberly Hart (The Ranger Slayer), Cameron Watanabe (Ninja Storm Green), Tanya Sloan (Zeo/Turbo Yellow), Andros (Space Red), Mike Corbett (Magna Defender), and finally former villain Heckyl from Dino Charge (Dark Ranger). Previews for just what kind of threats this new team will be facing will be coming shortly.

Go Go Power Rangers issue 13 will see writer Ryan Parrott and artist Eleonora Carlini showing how the young Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as they recover from their encounters with the Ranger Slayer and the events of Shattered Grid.

To cap things off a bit more news about Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon, which for now will be the final Power Rangers comic for MMPR’s first lead writer Kyle Higgins, the graphic novel will be coming out in December. Soul of the Dragon will see fan favorite and long-running ranger Tommy Oliver coming out of retirement when he has to rescue his son.

The future of BOOM! Studio’s Power Rangers comics looks like it’s in good hands and more comic book Power Rangers news is sure to come.

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