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Special SO-DO Kamen Rider Build Set Revealed


Special SO-DO Kamen Rider Build Set Revealed

Premium Bandai reveals a set for Kamen Rider Build‘s candy toy figure line.

SO-DO Kamen Rider Build: BUILD FINAL is a special set of figures and parts relating to Bandai’s SO-DO candy toy action figure line. In particular, it includes updated versions of Grease and Rogue, which include alternate hands like their Dai SO-DO releases of Build and Cross-Z.

  • Kamen Rider Grease (Dai SO-DO Ver.) – Alternate hands included
  • Twin Breaker x2
  • Twin Breaker (Beam Mode)
  • Kamen Rider Rogue (Dai SO-DO Ver.) – Alternate hands included
  • Nebula Steam Gun
  • Steam Blade
  • Nebula Steam Gun (Rifle Mode)
  • Night Rogue Large Wing Part
  • MadRogue Large Wing Part
  • Build Driver (No Fullbottles Ver.) x2
  • Build Driver (Hazard Trigger & Genius Fullbottle Ver.)
  • Last Pandora Panel White
  • Evol Rabbit/Dragon Chest Armor Part x2
  • Kamen Rider Grease Base Stand / Grease Dummy Head
  • Kamen Rider Rogue Base Stand / Rogue Dummy Head

Also included in the lineup is an unknown additional item, which they will add at a later date.

This product is available for pre-order for ¥3,456 and is expected to ship in December 2018.

Source: Premium Bandai

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