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Mitsubishi Electric’s “Kamen Reito Shun” Returns In New Ad


Mitsubishi Electric’s “Kamen Reito Shun” Returns In New Ad

New commercial from Mitsubishi Electric features Yoshihiko Aramaki in Kamen Rider parody ad.

Continuing with their line of adds using tokusatsu tropes, Mitsubishi Electric has released a new add featuring their parody cool hero “Kamen Reito Shun” again played by actor Yoshihiko Aramaki. As before, the “reito” or “reizo” in the name is in reference to Japanese words for refrigeration or cold storage. It is worth noting that although “kamen” or “mask” is used in the name, the hero does not wear any sort of face covering.

The commercial shows the hero with an upgraded suit from the first ad, showing off new features that the refrigerators from Mitsubishi have available, such as a storage compartment designed specifically to keep vegetables crisp and 3 LED lights designed to help keep produce from wilting. Whereas the first ad had Ryusei Nakao (Freiza from Dragon Ball Z) provide the voice of the monster Hieeza, this ad has Kamen Reito Shun going up against Freshness Monster Shrivelcell voiced by veteran voice actor Norio Wakamoto (Cell in Dragon Ball Z), who also provides the voice of the Sclash Driver and Magma Knuckle currently in Kamen Rider Build.

Source: Crunchyroll

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