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Kamen Rider Blade’s Terunosuke Takezai Cast in Pornographer Live Action Series

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Kamen Rider Blade’s Terunosuke Takezai Cast in Pornographer Live Action Series

Kamen Rider Blade‘s Terunosuke Takezai stars in the live-action adaptation of the boys’ love manga, Pornographer.

On July 12, it was announced by Fuji TV that it was producing a live-action series adaptation of the Boys Love manga, Pornographer, by Maki Marukido. The show is set to premiere on Fuji TV On Demand on July 28, and Fuji TV on August 8.

Terunosuke Takezai (right) and Kenta Izuka (left)

The main characters of Rio Kijima and Haruhiko Kusumi will be played by Terunosuke Takezai and Kenta Izuka respectively. Takezai played Kotaro Shirai in Kamen Rider Blade, the milk-loving journalist and was part of the main cast.

The story will begin like the manga in which the college student Haruhiko Kusumi (Izuka) accidentally injures Rio Kijima’s (Takezai) arm in a bicycle accident. Kijima asks that instead of paying the hospital bill, Kusumi should instead write down his dictation. It is revealed that Kijima is the author of erotic novels, and the two begin a strange relationship. The manga was first published in 2016 and is ongoing.

Source: Anime News Network

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