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Comics Corner: KAIJUMAX #1

Comics Corner

Comics Corner: KAIJUMAX #1

KAIJUMAX season four brings fresh ideas to the giant monster genre and intriguing Kaijus brimming with surprisingly human personalities in its first issue.

Writer/ Artist/ Cover: Zander Cannon

KaijuMax is an interesting indie series written and drawn by Zander Cannon that tells stories in the rather unique set of a prison for giant monsters. Humor, giant monster violence, and surprisingly human character moments for a cast of kaiju abound in the first issue of “Season Four,” of the series.

The issue opens as a group of new arrivals come to the woman’s wing of the KaijuMax Island Prison, back stories for the new inmates come in with expressive style and wonderfully written commentary as the issue continues. The cast is a creative mix of giant monsters drawing inspiration from all manner of sources mythic earth monsters, eldritch things with a lot of tentacles, and a sad Ultra-Woman style inmate.

The world building in this comic is great and exceptionally in depth so even if you haven’t read any of the earlier series don’t worry, this comic is a great jumping on point that seems fairly stand alone.

The issue focuses on a few of the new arrivals as they get used to prison life, and learning about a women’s prison for Giant Monsters is both hilarious and surprisingly touching, as is the insight into the mind of a Kaiju and how they view humans that the comic provides. As the issue moves on it also begins setting the stage for the heavier plot lines that are too come in later issues, and continues to deliver more characters that while their mainstream influences are obvious still always feel like unique original characters.

So if you are on the lookout for comics about giant monsters, and giant robots that approaches the genre from a rather unique perspective KAIJUMAX: SEASON 4 is an amazing comic to check out.

Jane Miller is a freelance creative type, who makes weird stuff and is currently between schools,

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