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Next Kamen Rider Series Gashapon Details Revealed


Next Kamen Rider Series Gashapon Details Revealed

Some early details have been learned about Kamen Rider Zi-O, the show that debuts after Kamen Rider Build

Japanese toy provider Chappy has put up listings for a few Gashapon offerings which are specifically titled “The show after Kamen Rider Build“.

There are no photos or details about what these items could be, but the listings include Big Size Air Weapon, Interlocking Item 01 and 02, and Digital Watch.

With the exception of watches, these are the same sort of offerings seen in more recent series such as Kamen Rider Build and Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.

The term “Interlocking Item” has also been used for those aforementioned series in reference to their transformation items, the Fullbottles and Rider Gashats, which means that the next series may focus on transformation items that are inserted into a transformation belt rather than use scannable item like cards or medals.

All of these listings have a release date of late September, giving a vague idea of when the next show will debut. Kamen Rider Build debuted on September 3rd, with GP Fullbottle 01 releasing in late September, which means it’ll likely conclude at the end of August or the start of September.

According to the listings, more information on the Gashapon listings – which likely includes the series itself – will be revealed in mid July. Information on Kamen Rider Build was similarly made available at the same time last year.

Source: Chappy

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