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CSM V Buckle & Dragvisor Contents Revealed


CSM V Buckle & Dragvisor Contents Revealed

Details have been made available on the Complete Selection Modification releases for Kamen Rider Ryuki.

The CSM V Buckle is the transformation belt associated with every Rider from Kamen Rider Ryuki. The set features the Card Decks for Ryuki, Knight, Scissors, Zolda, Raia, Gai, Ouja, Tiger, Imperer, Verde, Femme, Ryuga and Odin, as well as the blank version briefly used by Ryuki and the colored variants for Ryuki Survive and Knight Survive. They also include the Card Deck for Abyss, a Rider created for the Ryuki portion of Kamen Rider Decade, which did not exist at the time of the 2005 CSM V Buckle release.

The V Buckle is designed to play a transformation sound when the Card Deck is inserted, and a sound when a card is pulled from the deck. By pressing the sound effect button, the following sounds can be triggered:

  • Mirror Monster sense
  • V Buckle appearance
  • Mirror World rush
  • Mirror World escape
  • Death/Evaporation
  • Mirror World environment

By pressing the dialogue button, the buckle plays dialogue when certain Card Decks are attached. These are the returning actors who reprised their roles for this feature:

  • Takamasa Suga (Shinji Kido / Kamen Rider Ryuki / Kamen Rider Ryuga)
  • Satoshi Matsuda (Ren Akiyama / Kamen Rider Knight)
  • Ryohei Odai (Shuichi Kitaoka / Kamen Rider Zolda)
  • Takashi Hagino (Takeshi Asakura / Kamen Rider Ouja)
  • Hassei Takano (Miyuki Tezuka / Kamen Rider Raia)
  • Jun Takatsuki (Satoru Tojo / Kamen Rider Tiger)
  • Natsuki Kato (Miho Kirishima / Kamen Rider Femme)
  • Tsuyoshi Koyama (Voice of Kamen Rider Odin)

By pressing the BGM button, one of the following samples can be triggered:

  • “Ryuki, Henshin!” (Background music)
  • “Final Vent” (Background music)
  • “Hatenaki Inochi” by Hiroshi Kitadani (Fight song)
  • “Revolution” by Hiroshi Kitadani (Fight song)

The whole set includes the V Buckle, 17 Card Decks, and 33 Advent Cards. It is available for pre-order until August 20th for ¥30,240 and is expected to ship in December 2018.

The CSM Dragvisor is the card reader used by Kamen Rider Ryuki. It has been significantly enlarged from the original release, going from 223mm (8.7 inches) to a full 300mm (11.8 inches) in length. It features sound effects for when the top slides open or closed, and when a card is inserted. After the card’s name is spoken, pressing the button next to the grip causes a sound effect to play with the corresponding card. There’s also a dialogue mode, in which dialogue is spoken during each action.

The set includes the Dragvisor, and 56 Advent Cards. It is available for pre-order until August 20th for ¥21,600 and is expected to ship in January 2019.

Both releases are also available in a bundle, which brings the whole set to the V Buckle, Dragvisor, 17 Card Decks, and 89 Advent Cards. This bundle is available for pre-order until August 20th for ¥51,840 and is expected to ship in December 2018.

Source: Premium Bandai

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