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Toei Announces “Super Sentai Villains” TV Series


Toei Announces “Super Sentai Villains” TV Series

A new series featuring some of the greatest villains from Super Sentai‘s history as the stars has been announced.


Full of villains, the dark Sentai, “Super Sentai Villains” have have been activated?!
This shocking news coming with a movie trailer!
Mele, Yuka Hirata
Juzo Fuwa, Mitsuru Karahashi
Basco ta Jolokia, Kei Hosogai
Escape, Ayame Misaki

These are the names left of those who surpassed the stars of past Sentais. Also included is Space Shinobu Demosuto (Satoshi Hino) who forms the Dark Super Sentai. The first, and probably last, deviation from the norm,  “Super Sentai Villains”, will begin broadcasting April 1st 2099.

They may have originally lost their lives in the shows, but have been revived by Sekai Ninja Sen Jiraiya’s Space Ninja Demosuto. Space Squad’s Shaider, Jiraiya are in pursuit, what other villains will he revive and lead to the Kyurangers? For that mystery, watch the movie and please find out.


Although it’s an April Fools day joke straight from Toei, the aforementioned cast members will indeed appear in this year’s direct to video project, Uchu Sentai Kyuranger vs Space Squad, to be released on August 8th. Toei also provided a story summary for the movie:

Hammie is a thief? And She’s on the wanted list?!
4 years have passed since the fierce battle with Don Armage.
Peace has returned to the universe and a split occurs in between the Kyurangers, who have each settled into normal lives,
Hammie suddenly attacks the rebellion, injuring Sho Longpo and steals the “Neo Kyuu Tama”.
The Neo Kyuu Tama was developed by Universe President Tsurugi to help reconstruct the universe.

Hammie taking the Neo Kyuu Tama and heads to deliver it to the mysterious Space Ninja Demosuto. Demosuto abuses the Neo Kyuu Tama’s power and brings back to life “Villains” who hold lingering resentment against Earth.
The villains viciously attack the Kyurangers. Beside them, Hammie stands. Seeing the heavy situation, Tsuguri makes Hammie wanted throughout the universe.

“Don’t you believe in Hammie?” Lucky says enraged,
“I have a duty to protect the peace of the universe” responds Tsuguri.

That splits them in two and the once saviors of the universe stand opposed and break away from each other.
Two men cross over universes, Geki Juumoji, Gavan and Shu Karasuma, Shaider are the Space Squad. Shu is in pursuit of Demosuto in an independent investigation, comes into contact with Balance & Naga. On the other hand, Geki meets the Kyurangers and is disappointed at the internal discord.

What is Demosuto and Hammie’s plan?! Expect to see the Kyurangers divided and a surprise revelation?!
Losing saviors is the universes fate…

Source: Toei Press Release.

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  1. dryedmangoez

    March 31, 2018 at 9:49 pm

    They’re actually going to be in the movie?! OMG! That’s amazing news!

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