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Comics Corner: Go Go Power Rangers #7


Comics Corner: Go Go Power Rangers #7

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Angel Grove’s Homecoming Dance gets a bit wild in this month’s Go Go Power Rangers, and the series best qualities shine.

Writer: Ryan Parrott
Artist: Dan Mora
Colorist: Raúl Angulo
Letterer: Ed Dukeshire

Angel Grove’s Homecoming Dance gets a bit wild in this month’s Go Go Power Rangers. As the series continues to explore the Power Ranger’s earliest days, they must balance one of High School’s most hectic weeks with fighting evil and keeping their identities secret. As a result, this issue’s multiple plots and character decisions come to a head, and we see some of the best character writing Power Rangers has ever seen.

The issue starts off with another chapter showing how another member of the Moon Crew joined Rita Repulsa. This time it’s everyone’s favorite aristocratic baboon bat person, Baboo. Baboo had been an alchemist who had tried to protect his people from Rita but had it all go wrong. Luckily Rita is about second chances and takes Baboo on as one of her henchmen.

Then the issue gets heavy with the Rangers having a meeting about Billy considering leaving the team and wanting to be replaced by Matt (a comic original character, who besides being Kimberly’s boyfriend, has become embroiled in Rita’s plots against the Rangers). Billy has recently really been questioning his ability to be a Ranger and if he can balance it out with his real-life opportunities such as an internship from the PROMETHEA corporation (which currently plays a major role in MMPR). This leaves the Rangers feeling rather disjointed as they spend the day getting ready for Homecoming.

Finally, it’s the dance and that’s when it gets rough for the Rangers. First, there is some high school drama but then the monster is revealed and it is another incredible design by the artists at BOOM! Studios. As the Ranger’s square up to fight this monster and protect Angel Grove, the issue ends promising what should be an awesome fight.

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