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Tokusatsu Fashion Round-up January 2018


Tokusatsu Fashion Round-up January 2018

This week in tokusatsu fashion, new collaborations between Harold’s Gear and Premium Bandai alongside Ultraman and Skull Works, plus a variety of Kamen Rider gear, new and old!

Premium Bandai fashion has opened pre-orders for new items in collaboration with Harold’s Gear, a vintage motorcycle wear brand. The main item from the collaboration is a nice leather jacket, made to look like the first Kamen Rider’s beloved jacket. It sells for 151,200¥ and is scheduled for a May 2018 release. In addition to the jacket, there are new Kamen Rider Black watches, commemorating the 30th anniversary of that season. There are two watch designs, one with a black band and face, the other silver. They are April 2018 release items, selling for 32,400¥ for the black version, or 34,560¥ for the silver version. Additionally, Premium Bandai is offering a 30th-anniversary t-shirt of Kamen Rider Black, for 4,104¥ releasing in March 2018.

Another new collaboration is with the fashion brand “SKULL WORKS” which is offering various Ultraman-themed items. First up is a jacket with a “tattoo” design, featuring embroidery on the back and sleeves. It is currently available on Repair Shop Online’s website, for 37,584¥. Another offering is a long-sleeve t-shirt featuring Ultra kaiju Zetton on a motorcycle. There’s another design featuring Pigmon getting a haircut from Alien Baltan in a barber-shop style graphic. Both shirts sell for 7,900¥. Lastly, there is a phone case designed for the iPhone 7 & 8 featuring the Pigmon design, retailing for 5,000¥.

Besides the collaborations, there are a few new Kamen Rider items that have been listed, featuring several different Riders. From Kamen Rider Build, Ryuga’s t-shirt that reads “Keep Your Mind Be Open Window Everyday” is available in both purple and black, for 4320¥ and releasing in March 2018. Nanba Heavy Industries, a company that is an important player in the story, is getting its own pin release. The brass pin has the company initials “NH” on it, is 1,620¥ and releases in March.

From Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, there is a new Genm Corp pin releasing in March. It is pewter and retails for 1,620¥. From Kamen Rider Ghost, Takeru’s jewelry (necklace and bracelet) is available again, for April 2018 release, with the necklace selling for 16,200¥ and the bracelet for 17,280¥. Likewise, Kamen Rider Gaim’s jewelry is also available for April 2018 release, 9,247¥ for his necklace and 4,104¥ for the bracelet. Kamen Rider Fourze’s dog tags are available for 12,343¥, releasing in April 2018. From Kamen Rider OOO, Eiji’s leather bracelet is available for 4,900¥, also an April release. Additionally, his partner Ankh is commemorated with a silver pendant in collaboration with haraKIRI. The pendant is .925 silver, featuring a red cubic zirconia gem and the symbol from Ankh’s medals on one side and an etching of Ankh’s hand throwing medals on the other side.

On the Kamen Rider W front, Shotaro’s distinctive Windscale belt has once again been re-released, for February 2018, priced at 19,000¥. The belts are black or brown leather, with brass buckles and the Windscale logo embroidered on the back in grey or ivory. His Windscale suit jacket is also being re-released, for 17,000¥ and February release. It’s a lightweight knit jacket with “WS” embroidery on the shoulder. The Accel watch, in collaboration with Red Monkey, is in stock for 48,600¥. The watch is red leather, featuring the design from the back of Terui’s jacket on the watch face.

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Mary Jo is a trained librarian currently working for an experiential marketing firm. When she's not at work, she loves to cosplay (mostly toku characters), take lots of photos, and staff conventions.

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