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Premium Bandai Launches GARO Fashion Line


Premium Bandai Launches GARO Fashion Line

Premium Bandai has listed a number of GARO fashion items on their website, including rings, watches, glasses, wallets, belts, and more.

The highlight of the line is a number of different Zaruba rings, all .925 sterling silver and incredibly detailed.  There are multiple versions of the ring, offered at different price points from 35,000¥ to 74,000¥. The rings are all available to order for March 2018 release.

There are sunglasses on offer as well, manufactured in Sabae City, the center of eyewear production in Japan. The glasses are priced at 50,760¥ and there are both gold frames and silver frames available. The frames have decorative carving and a light tint (grey for silver frames or yellow for gold frames) and are currently in stock.

In collaboration with Red Monkey Designs, there is a GARO watch design, with a black leather band and a detailed brass watch face which echoes the belt of the GARO armor. The watch retails for 49,680¥ and is scheduled for March 2018 shipment.

In addition to the rings, sunglasses, and watch, there are other items in the line that were released earlier in the year, including leather pouches (with pewter Zaruba accent on the flap), belts (leather with a pewter Zaruba buckle design), wallets, and wallet cords. These items may be available on the secondary market.

Source:  Bandai FashionPremium BandaiSabae frames

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