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Premium Bandai Announces Super Sentai Artisan Won Tiger Preorder Details


Premium Bandai Announces Super Sentai Artisan Won Tiger Preorder Details


Premium Bandai announced details regarding the preorders of the newest Super Sentai Artisan release, Gosei Sentai Dairanger’s Won Tiger.

Previously teased shortly after the preorders for Super Sentai Artisan Dairenoh concluded, fans knew Won Tiger was on its way. Much like during the preorder for Dairenoh, Premium Bandai is requiring a specific number of preorder requests. 2000 requests will ensure that the item gets created. At 2500 requests, Bandai will begin production on a Won Tiger Lai-Lai Jewel to match those produced during Dairenoh’s preorder period.

Like Dairenoh before it, the Super Sentai Artisan DX Won Tiger is a slightly updated release of the original DX Won Tiger from Dairanger‘s original toy line. While there are no major mold changes, the red orbs included with Won Tiger now have the elemental kanji inside of them to emulate the attacking sequences from the series. The plastic used also features grey specks to closer match the suit from the series. Like the original toy, Won Tiger can combine with pieces of Dairenoh to transform into Kiba Daioh. Slated to be included are two backdrops that match the backgrounds featured during Won Tiger’s attacking sequences.

Should Super Sentai Artisan DX Won Tiger reach 2000 preorder requests, the toy will release in August 2018 for the hefty price of ¥14,400.

Source: Premium Bandai

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