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Kaiju-Oh Godzilla (2016) Climax Ver. Announced By Premium Bandai


Kaiju-Oh Godzilla (2016) Climax Ver. Announced By Premium Bandai


Premium Bandai has announced the release of Godzilla’s Shin Godzilla design for the Kaiju-Oh Series of vinyl figures.

The Kaiju-Oh line of vinyl figures is one of Bandai’s newer series that brings various kaiju from the Godzilla series into a more monstrous size, with each figure standing about 25-30 cm (10-11 inches) in length. This puts the Kaiju-Oh series at roughly double the length of Bandai’s popular Movie Monster Series releases, perfect for any large scale display of kaiju destruction!

After the huge success of Shin Godzilla, it’s no surprise that 2016’s design of Godzilla was a quick entry into the series’ retail releases. This Premium Bandai release stylizes the figure to emulate the climax of the film when Godzilla begins to wreak havoc. This includes an opened jaw and tail, both with purple paint reminiscent of Godzilla’s atomic attacks. Finally, the fins on his back are painted blue, as if they were glowing. Godzilla (2016) Climax Ver.

Kaiju-Oh Godzilla (2016) Climax Ver. is now available for preorder on Premium Bandai and will conclude on December 21st, 2017. The toy will begin shipping in March 2018 and will retail for ¥7,560 before fees and shipping.

Source: Premium Bandai

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