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Akibaranger’s Masato Wada Announces Marriage to Risa Yoshiki

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Akibaranger’s Masato Wada Announces Marriage to Risa Yoshiki


Akibaranger’s AkibaRed, Masato Wada, announces his marriage to Risa Yoshiki.

Known for his role as Nobuo Akagi/AkibaRed in Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger, Masato announced his marriage to Risa Yoshiki today. Risa is a gravure idol and singer who also appeared in Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters as Hiromu’s sister, Rika Sakurada.

Masato posted on his blog:

I am deeply thankful for your continued suppport and kindness.
Though it is a personal affair, today, November 22nd, I, Masato Wada, am happy to report that Ms. Risa Yoshiki and I have married.
Many smiles were born from the first day we met and until today.
For me, who had longed for a dream called “family”, her existence has become irreplaceable.
Though I am still immature, it is my mission as a member of society, to further improve myself.
I am willing to work diligently so we can work together and contribute to the world.
To everyone who always supports us, we look forward to your continued guidance in the future, thank you again.
November 22, Heisei 29 (2017)
Masato Wada

Source: Oricon

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